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Building centers

There are many things to consider before building a bowling alley. 
You have to think about how to best take advantage of the space you have and how to set it up for efficient customer flow. The trick is to decide early what equipment you want, to the smallest detail. You want to maximise the earning opportunities of the business. Rainbowl will be with you all the way as your partner.

Bowling is one of the most popular recreational activities of the world with over 100 million registered competitors in over 100 counties. Bowling is played by people of any age. By combining competitive bowling with recreation and entertainment bowling has become an activity for everyone. 3 million Swedes bowl more than once a year. It has even developed into all year round activity.

Entertainment facilities that include bowling is growing in popularity. They offer many possibilities for beneficial investments and growth. In combination with a strong cash flow it will give you good return on your investment. You can see that big chains in the restaurant business has added bowling to their array, for example Hard Rock Cafe in Gothenburg and OLeary's on several places around Sweden. 
Swedish Rainbowl is your perfect partner. We have taken part in many big builds around Sweden and the Nordic region in the last 20 years. With our great experience, competence and fresh ideas we will be able to have you create the perfect bowling alley just for you. 


We can either build full lenght lanes according to ABC regulations but we can also build shorter lanes with either normal bowling machines, string (where the pins are attached to a string) or virtual bowling. There is also a concept that features a thinner lane, smaller pins and smaller ball with or without run-up.

We build with qualified and educated staff. Upon completion we train your staff how to use machines, how to service lanes and how to do the scoring.