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PinString Machine

Easier for your staff and a cheaper investment
There are many advantages to installing a String Machine instead of a normal bowling machine. How about a lower cost, less upkeep, safer, lower electricity usage and lowered staff cost?
The machine that Rainbowl markets is from SES (German-made) the best-selling machine for over 30 years. Approved by the Swedish Work Environment Authority. CE marked.
The back part made in Sweden by us Rainbowl, focusing on sound level and simplicity. Metal construction, laser cut for precision.
The string machine keeps the noise down, it has low decibels. The strong, black nylon rope, which holds the pins, is made to blend into the background which makes the fastening almost invisible.  

The assembly is so simple that it could even be installed in your home, but it is sturdy enough to be used in public places which has a higher load.

Hundreds of machines are being used around the world. 

Rainbowl is the first company to install the PinSting machine on the Swedish market.

Installation and service through us Rainbowl with over 30 years of bowling experience.